Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie Ice Cream Cake

I really enjoy trying new recipes. Hurray for Pinterest. I decided to try out a couple new desserts for Mother's Day a couple weeks ago. The first one was Death by Brownies (Thanks, Melissa!). It turned out wonderfully, and I will definitely make it again. (Quite easy... Brownies, chocolate pudding, cool whip, Heath pieces)

The second dessert was Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie Ice Cream Cake. Mmm! Doesn't that just sound amazing?! It was. :) Not too hard, but it did take a little time since there are several layers.

You can get the recipe here! Make and enjoy! :)

Life at the Little Yellow House

Pardon my long absence from blogging, but we will give this another go!

We have very much been enjoying these nicer days. Gracie has LOVED being outside!!!!! We will come home after being somewhere (on a walk, church, the park, etc) and she says, "Nu-nime! Nu-nime!" (One more time, one more time!) She LOVES the park! The last two times we walked to the park, we got about a block away and she knew where we were, and got very excited. Bouncy around and "eeehing"! Too cute! She loves to go "wee!" on the slides, and enjoys swinging too. (Especially when Daddy swung her really big!)


She finally decided to ride on the dinosaur, and she likes it!

Happy girl

Silly girl!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gracie's First Birthday

Gracie is one! We have had our precious girl for a year. It is hard to believe it has been that long, but I have loved being her Mommy. She is such a sweet girl. It is so fun to think back to a year ago. I was remembering a day or two before she was born... A year ago, I was having contractions, helping stuff CEF newsletters, going to Awana, walking, waiting, walking, etc. Then on her birthday... A year ago, we were headed to the hospital....I was part way through labor at the were born! I got to hold you for the first time! :) Anyways, excuse my brief reminiscing. *Ahem* Gracie is walking now. Not always, but she can walk up to 12ish steps. She is can stand all on her own. She loves to climb (like up on the couch arm to the end table to reach for things, or up the ladder). She loves the stairs (and thankfully she is quite good at them!). She makes a beeline for the stairs after church is done, and I set her down. She loves music. She loves to clap (especially when we say, "Go Cubbies!"). She is saying or trying to say more words. Her favorite is "bye bye!" She says "Mama," "Dada" or "Da," "Hhhhhi," "Uh uh uh" (for up). She says, "One" when we ask her how old she is, but it doesn't really sound like one (you just know that's what she's saying). She also says "Ba" for water sometimes, and I think she tried to say "banana" once or twice. She is such a happy girl! She also is signing more words. She signs please, thank you, all done, milk (aka- Mommy feed me!), and her version of come here (like what we do when we want her to walk to us). So cute! When she really wants something, she rubs her little chest so vigorously signing please. It has been fun to see her learning to say (and sign) more things! She understands so much more than she can say though. :) She has grown so much! It is so amazing to see her become her own little person. She enjoys eating. She eats all kinds of things, but she especially loves chicken, watermelon, and lately bananas. We are so thankful for our girl. Gracie brings joy all those she is around! Here are some pictures of her on her birthday!

Good morning, Birthday Girl! :)

How old are you? "One!"

Cutie pie

Mmm...Birthday cake

First we open gifts

Hang out with Daddy

Open more presents with Mommy

Play with my favorite gift...twisty crayons!

I'm one! May I please have cake, Mommy? :)
Love you, precious girl! :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

11 Months Old

 I am still amazed at how quickly time goes. My precious little baby girl is getting so big, and will be one in a month! But it's still a month from now, so I can just enjoy these 11-month-moments. Gracie has started standing on her own, and is doing it for longer and longer. (It won't be long until she's walking!) One of the first times she stood, she was by the couch, and she let go and put her hands in the air three times in a row! Like, "Look, Mommy, no hands!" She likes to walk around with our help, and she loves to explore. She really likes going up and down stairs (and thankfully she's quite good at it!). She can show us where her head, belly, and ears are. She loves to say bye-bye! She is saying Mama quite often. :) Still working on Daddy. She has started to sign "please" if she wants something. She is really enjoying music; she'll sway, clap, wiggle, and bounce to the music. Too cute! She really enjoys eating, and eats pretty much whatever we give her - veggies, fruit, cheese, yogurt, chicken, noodles, and even a little bit of Daddy's yummy pork chop. She is such a happy girl, and loves to play and laugh and giggle! Enjoy a few pictures from her 11 month birthday...

(As you can see, Gracie was rather excited about the letter "O" that day!)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

9 and 10 Months Old

Life has been a bit busy, so I decided to just combine Gracie's 9 and 10 month pictures and update.

Here she is on her 9 month birthday...

(Thank you to Megan for some of those pictures!)

Sweet girly! We love her so much! She is learning and doing so many new things! She has been crawling for quite a while now. She is pulling up all over the place (including the refrigerator), and is cruising around on the furniture. We help her walk sometimes, and she is doing more of it on her own (not so much help as at first).  She likes to play with her toys, which include lots of plastic and wooden kitchen items. She has own little personality, and is such a fun little girl. She loves to chatter, and she says Mama, bye-bye (or a-bye; she get's very excited about saying bye!), hhhhi (hi), and she has says Dada a time or two. She is very curious about things (which means she is in the processing of learning to touch certain things), and sometimes will examine/play with one thing for a while (like her pajama shorts a couple days ago!). She likes to help me with the laundry; she pulls the clean clothes out of the laundry basket and gives them to me to fold. :) She loves to clap and wave, and she also likes to wiggle her head back and forth when she's happy or just being silly.

Here is Gracie on her 10 month birthday...

Gracie and Gracie :)

The cousins had fun playing together

Sunday, June 2, 2013

8 Months Old

Here's our little 8 month old! She's getting so big! Some updates from the last two months...

Gracie has been army crawling all over the place for the last two months! It's fun to watch her go after things or people she wants. :) She's sitting up all by herself. She's got three teeth on the bottom. She likes to wave "hi" or "bye" to people. So cute watching her flap her little arm around. She's eating some solid, table foods now...mostly veggies, but she's tried some yogurt and banana too. Lots of "firsts" in the last two months: first airplane ride, first time swimming (Gracie LOVED it!!! It's like a giant bath tub!), first time at the ocean, first bike ride (on the back of Daddy's bike). Gracie also figured out how to clap a couple weeks ago, and loves clapping!!! :) She also started crawling on her hands and knees this last week!

And a little sneak peek from after her 8 month birthday...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 Months Old

I now Grace is almost 8 months old, but here are some pictures of our little cutie pie on her 7 month birthday! More "updates" to come with her 8 month pictures in a week or two.